Phillip Omann

Rental Department Manager

A little about me

Driven by the desire to make things easier for people, I am proudly passionate and knowledgeable about all things real estate.  As a Licensed Estate Agent and seasoned professional, I’ve worked in the industry since 1990. Experienced in all aspects including office management, sales, rentals, trust accounting and business development, I like to share my knowledge with others and am a trainer of the agent’s representative and full licence courses at Chisholm Institute of Tafe. I receive immense satisfaction watching the many people I have mentored over the years achieve success in their respective professions.

I head up the team of Property Managers at Jacobs and Lowe and proudly showcase a professional Property Management Department with unrivalled service in the management of real estate assets.  I stand out for my simplicity and my honest and reasonable approach to real estate.  I take the entire interest into consideration when it comes to property management. My focus is not only to protect the investments but also help them grow to be more profitable. This involves me taking the time to build relationships with my clients, advising and mentoring them throughout the management of their investment.

I take the burden out of the ground work to allow my clients to enjoy the easier, less stressful side of our journey together.


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